MCF is an independent corporate finance and investment advisory firm

MCF focuses on developing economies and countries with strong growth potential within the Middle East and Africa region (or MEA) where it became, since its creation in 2014, a reference player when it comes to complex projects and transactions

Thanks to its deep knowledge of the MEA region, MCF has managed to become a regional specialist, committed to providing professional and independent advisory services to a large international and regional client base on various strategic and financial subjects

Recognized for its integrity, experience, reputation, reliability, independence and long-term trust relationships with its clients, our team has built a strong expertise and has a unique access to the regional economic players

Financial advisory

Financial advisory is MCF’s main business.
Given their large experience, our team members have developed a strong expertise in the various folds of financial advisory both at regional and international…

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Private Equity

As a corporate finance and investment specialist, MCF has initiated in 2017 a cycle of private equity initiatives in the MEA region that will be accompanied and overseen by its team

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Our credentials

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