Valuation advisory

Business valuation is at the heart of our activities. We offer our clients valuation advisory and fairness opinions services with regards to specific projects in order to help them achieve their ambitions

MCF offers business valuation services and fairness opinions to its clients.
Our work is based on solid research and analysis, deep knowledge/ expertise of markets and of most up to date financial theories and techniques as well as on tested and proven methodologies

MCF can also provide fairness opinions to its clients willing to ensure the financial fairness of a given transaction. As independent valuation professionals, free from any conflict of interest, we are well equipped to support our opinion with objective and detailed analysis

Valuation advisory

  • Business valuation advisory
  • Detailed financial review of the business
  • Interaction with management to develop an in-depth understanding of the business
  • Assistance of the management in the business plan preparation
  • Valuation using the most appropriate valuation methodologies and conduct sensitivity analysis as necessary
  • Preparation of evaluation report including: (i) review of historic performance, (ii) business plan review, (iii) key issues and value drivers (iv) valuation parameters, (v) selection and use of the most appropriate valuation methodologies, (vi) sensitivity analysis, and (vii) recommended valuation range

Fairness opinions

  • Careful understanding of the purpose of the transaction and the reasons of the issuance of a fairness opinion
  • Businesses valuation
  • Issuance of a valuation report as well as a fairness opinion letter confirming the independence of the issuer and outlining the opinion on the value or the transaction terms