Corporate restructuring

We can assist our clients in the implementation of restructuring solutions

Our approach helps our clients implement viable and sustainable restructuring solutions and regain trust from lenders and investors. It also provides transparency to stakeholders and supports required negotiations.

Cash flow advisory

  • Perform thorough assessment of short and long-term cash situation and forecast
  • Help clients increase short and long-term cash flow forecasts accuracy
  • Advise on key options and decisions to make to solve potential current and/ or future liquidity/ cash issues
  • Propose cash-generating measures

Independent business review

  • Prepare independent business reviews for lenders and investors
  • Reviews can include market positioning and strategic review, management team/ structure evaluation, analysis of historical financial performance, busines plan review, assessment of debt raising capacity, assessment of restructuring options and measures, etc.

Debt and financial restructuring

  • Review of capital structure
  • Assess available capital restructuring options and recommend optimal solutions
  • Assist in debt restructuring/ covenant management and negotiation
  • Assist in building bankable business plans
  • Succession planning