Financial advisory

Financial advisory is MCF’s main business.

Given their large experience, our team members have developed a strong expertise in the various folds of financial advisory both at regional and international levels with a deep knowledge of multiple sectors of the economy

Fund raising

We provide our clients with direct and quick access to major institutional or private fund providers operating in the MEA region in order to finance their projects

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Thanks to our experience, we are ideally positioned to provide value-adding advisory services and support to our clients regarding their mergers and acquisitions complex transactions

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Strategic and Financial advisory

We also provide strategic and financial advisory services to companies and groups on a continuous and regular basis that are not related to a specific transaction or project

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Valuation advisory

Business valuation is at the heart of our activities. We offer our clients valuation advisory and fairness opinions services with regards to specific projects in order to help them achieve their ambitions

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Corporate restructuring

We can assist our clients in the implementation of restructuring solutions

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Industry expertise