Strategic and Financial advisory

We also provide strategic and financial advisory services to companies and groups on a continuous and regular basis that are not related to a specific transaction or project

MCF provides strategic and financial advisory services related to growth, capital optimization or financial restructuring plans.
We work closely with our clients to develop tailored approaches, based on a detailed strategic and financial diagnosis, and to provide recommendations to assist them in their long term plans and help them anticipate and chose the best available strategic options

General strategic and financial advisory

  • Strategic and financial advice to private groups concerned about restructuring their businesses, optimizing their financial management and/or growing
  • Assistance to shareholders, CEOs and CFOs of groups wishing to  reactive or revive their businesses
  • Establishment and implementation of stock rerating strategies (i.e. to improve listed stock prices)
  • Establishment of financial communication strategies for the financial markets

Business plans structuring and growth strategies

  • Assistance in business plan preparation
  • Assessment of growth strategies and financing approach