Fund raising

We provide our clients with direct and quick access to major institutional or private fund providers operating in the MEA region in order to finance their projects

MCF is a recognized fundraising specialist in the MEA region.
The relevance of its financial assessments, its ability to identify and assist credible clients and help them structure their projects has earned it the confidence of private groups and regional and international financial and development institutions looking for attractive and bankable projects.

Debt raising advisory

  • Strategic advice to define financing objectives
  • Review of the optimum capital structure and of the funding requirements
  • Assessment of the available and/or reachable sources of financing
  • Detailed financial modelling to measure reimbursement capacity
  • Drafting of banking or financing memorandums for banks and financial institutions
  • Assistance in approaching and discussing with banks and financial institutions likely to finance the project
  • Coordination with the legal advisors and lending institutions until disbursement

Private placements and equity raising advisory

  • Business valuation and assessment of the capital need if necessary
  • Identification of potential investors likely to participate in the financing
  • Preparation of private placement memorandum and organizing road-shows
  • Assistance to clients in negotiating best possible terms and conditions with the selected investors using the best suited strategy to optimize the value including the implementation of competitive and/or book-building processes
  • Coordination with the legal advisors until closing